Industrial Central Kitchen, Warehouse and Offices in Mallorca – Lease with option to buy or Freehold

Listing ID: PROP-22323
Bathrooms: 5
Plot Size: 570 m²
April 9, 2016


A unique opportunity to acquire a commercial unit with a central kitchen, warehouse and offices, ideal for a restaurant chain or franchise company wishing to mass produce food for distribution. The premises consists of 570 M² and is set over two levels, with the ground floor level housing the warehouse and main production system which is fully compliant, and meets licensing regulations. The second floor consists of  male and female staff rooms, a laundry room, commercial offices with countryside views, including a customer reception area and toilets. The sale includes all machinery, equipment and installations, as well as a Nissan Cabstar delivery freezer/refrigerated lorry (28.000km) with a rear platform lift. Freehold offered for sale or with a rent to buy option.

Description of items included in the sale: 
Full size Rational convection/steam oven of 40 gastronome trays 2/1, with 4 trolley racks for continuous preparation/cooking/blast chilling/packing.

Full size Endesa blast chiller to accommodate the trolley racks from the Rational oven, which can  bring the temperature of the food from straight out of the oven, down to -18 degrees.

Bizerba fully automatic slicing machine for hams/cheeses/bacon/roast meats etc. Programmable thickness slice as well as how many slices per stack which move along a conveyor than can be then packaged and vacuum sealed.

Dirsa semi automatic, vacuum sealing machine, with 8 different sizes of packaging containers.

Nissan triple level, battery powered fork lift. Battery powered so it complies with regulations so it can be used inside as well as outside.

DSMO Back up generator, (300kw 3 phase). Automatically starts up in case of a power failure from Gesa. Protects all food items in case of a blackout.

Sensors on the two walk through freezers that will call up to 4 telephone numbers in case of increase in temperature above a minimum level. In case of human error, leaving a door open or failure of refrigeration system.

‘Bateria de condensadores’ for the electric system so as not to pay Reactiva on the electric bills.

4880 litre gas tank. Rented at only 25€ a month from Repsol. Much cheaper than being connected to mains gas as no monthly connection fee to pay.

16 camera CCTV system with 500gb hard drive.

Fire alarm and central control panel.

Also offered as a rental with with option to purchase. Please contact us for more information, as there are various attractive methods of  rent to buy.

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